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What to expect at a site inspection

Upon your search for that incomparable venue for your upcoming corporate event, you have come across Metropolis Events and are taken amazed by the scale of the venue, its interior design and the view of Melbourne’s city skyline that is exclusive to us. 

The first thing you will want to do is book a site inspection to ensure that the venue is the right fit for your event and will be able to meet and exceed the expectations of you and your guests.

How to book a site inspection? 

It’s easy to book a site inspection at Metropolis Events, just follow the below steps.

Our sales manager will follow up on your enquiry as soon as possible (we aim for 24 hours your enquiry has been sent).

Before your site inspection

Our sales manager will reach out to you before your site inspection to ask you a few questions about the event you are looking at hosting. We ask these questions to gather as much information about your event as possible, which then allows us to provide a more tailored proposal and site inspection. This benefits you as it will assist you with being able to visualising your event in our space.

These questions will include:

  • The type of event you want to host (conference, product launch, etc)
    • What style of event (banquet, cocktail, cabaret, etc)
  • If you have a specific date in mind and timing for your event
  • An estimate of the number of guests

As well as receiving a proposal from our sales manager before your site inspection you will also receive: 

  • The available dates close to your requested date 
  • An overview of our packages & pricing 
  • Our minimum food & beverage spend

On the day of your site inspection, our sales manager will go through everything they have sent you in detail, so note down any of your questions until then. 

Site inspection at Metropolis Events

How long does a site inspection take?

Our site inspections take about 30 minutes. 

As stated above, the more information you can give us before your site inspection the more we can completely tailor your site inspection to your event (if you know you want banquet tables we can arrange the tables, if you want a small breakout room we can put in the operable walls etc).

If you weren’t certain about your event information prior, that is completely fine. Our sales manager will ask you questions about your event to ensure we can try and tailor the site inspection during (i.e visually show you how the room can be set up) and your proposal. You will receive your proposal roughly 24 hours after visiting the venue.  

Whom should you bring?

You can bring anyone you want. But here’s a recommendation of whom you should bring:

  • The decision-maker
    • Allows them to see the venue in person that they are deciding on, rather than basing their decision on photos & videos, which doesn’t give them access to the atmosphere or vibe of the venue.
  • Organiser & Event coordinator
    • Allows the coordinator to see the venue that they will be helping plan and coordinate on the day. They will be able to meet the planner that will be working closely on their event and also allows them to ask questions.
  • If you are an external company, we recommend bringing your client/s
    • The client will have a much better understanding of how their event can work in the space if they see the venue in person

What do you need to have prepared? 

We want to ensure that we can tailor your proposal and site tour to your proposed event as much as possible. To be able to do this for you, we ask before your site inspection some questions that will give us more information about your event. If you were not certain of your event information, we ask that you have an idea of the following at your site inspection.

  • Estimated number of guests
  • Preferred event dates 
  • An idea of your budget

We also recommend having your event requirements prepared:

  • The type of event you want to host (conference, product launch, meeting, awards night etc)
  • Do you want your event to break up into different rooms (breakout rooms, training rooms, activations etc)
  • The style of event we want to host (cabaret, theatre, boardroom etc)
  • Your event timing (3-hour conference, 1 hour in a breakout room etc) 

We will incorporate this information into a revised proposal for you that will outline broken-down costs and possibilities. 

What to expect at the site inspection? 

Here’s an example of what you can expect on the day of your site inspection:

  • An in-depth tour of our venue includes;
    • All bathrooms
    • Entrances & exits (important to see them and decide where you want your guests to enter & exit)
    • Cloakrooms
    • Greenrooms (for entertainment, changing outfits or storing your items)
  • Our sales manager will sit down with you and your accompaniments and go through our packages and pricing in detail as well as discuss;
    • Proposal
    • Minimum food & beverage spend
    • Available dates & timings of your event
    • Venue styling
    • Previous photos and videos of events

As well as answer any questions or queries you may have.

A reminder from our sales manager 

Keep in mind how versatile our venue is and how we can adapt our space to create the event you have in mind. If you visit the venue and an event is set up, keep in mind, that event took months of planning to achieve and was completely tailored to the client’s goals. 

Whilst touring the venue, keep in mind the different viewpoints that Metropolis Events has of Melbourne’s city skyline (balcony, aviary room, panorama windows and the mirrors that allow for a 360-degree view), this is important for deciding where you may place tables, the stage, activations or anything else within the venue and what they may block or what your guests will see.

The follow-up process

Our sales manager will email you within the next 24 hours with a proposal if you have not received one before your site inspection.

Otherwise, you will receive the following within 24 hours:

  • A thank you email for visiting the venue
  • Standard floorplan examples so you can visualise the space – these floorplans will be a few standard floorplans for your type of event that have worked for previous clients. However, we can completely tailor your floor plan to the goals and needs of your event.
  • A revised proposal that includes the following touchpoints
    • Any additions that the client spoke about
    • Additional food & beverage options
    • Changes to the event
  • A contract

Due to the number of enquiries we receive, we can only hold your date for 3 business days. So if you are set on having your event at Metropolis Events, we recommend that you confirm your date by returning your signed contract and paying your first deposit within 3 business days. 

Your first deposit will be 25% if your event is more than 6 months away, otherwise, it will be 50% if your event is less than 6 months away. This will be discussed with you in your follow-up email and can be found in the T&Cs of your contract. 


Looking for a venue for your next corporate event? Metropolis Events is suitable for various events from multi-day conferences and gala events in Panorama to smaller meetings and intimate dinners in Aviary. Get in touch with our team for more information and book a site tour.