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The world of weddings is ever evolving, influenced by changes in fashion, culture, technology and societal values across the board. As couples plan their big day in 2024, a few distinctive trends are emerging. Let’s take a dive into these wedding trends that are making waves.


A popular new trend for couples! Wedding content creators are taking over your special day! Brides are hiring ‘content creators’ for their big day, in addition to the photographers and videographers they have already booked.  With social media continuing to grow, couples are wanting to see wedding day content within 24 hours so they can relive their magical day ASAP. 


Imagine listening to your besties reminiscing and your grandparents heartfelt wishes on your wedding day! An audiobook is like your traditional guest book but with a twist. Instead of written messages, guests are given the opportunity to share their love, blessings and fun anecdotes from the past. These incredible images below were taken by
Ghost booth Events 


roof installations

THE BIGGER THE BETTER! Envision lavish floral displays cascading over guest tables, captivating chandeliers illuminating your bridal seating and show stopping fairy lights twinkling overhead throughout your reception. Could there be anything more magical? We have seen some amazing roof installations this past year, and this trend is not stopping. All rigged by our partners Technical Events.


Farewell to muted tones and welcome vibrant splashes! The latest wave in wedding reception trends is here and its bursting with colour. 2024 is bringing bold and lively colours and is no longer confined to classic whites and pastels.

midnight snacks

There is something undeniably special about a wedding reception that dances its way into the night. As the clock strikes midnight, a new trend is taking the spotlight. THE MIDNIGHT SNACK! No longer just an afterthought, it is becoming a beloved part of modern celebrations. 

sustainability first

In a time where sustainability has become an important part of everyone’s daily lives… weddings are no exception. A noticeable and heart-warming trend among modern couples is the thoughtful act of reusing and repurposing flowers from the ceremony for reception festivities. This reception in particular, the florals were repurposed from the ceremony brought over to the reception – Florals by Miss Men

historical elements

The revival of historical elements is nearly here… this trend is slowly starting to embrace styles and touches from previous celebrations! 

2024 promises a year of weddings that reflect the evolving priorities of modern couples, connection, authenticity, inclusivity and mindfulness. 

As traditions blend with new age ideas, one thing remains clear… LOVE, in all it’s forms and expressions.