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Wedding trends to expect in 2022

Did you hear? 2022 is going to be the biggest year for weddings yet. After almost two years of postponements and cancellations we are happy to be operating at full capacity and creating memories. So, in 2022 what wedding trends can we expect to see?

Digital invites

More and more couples are choosing to go “paperless” when it comes to wedding invitations. With the creative ability that technology brings us, digital invitations are helping couples truly tailor a wedding that suits them. Not only is it a small step to helping the planet, but it also can be more cost effective and easier to manage with digital RSVP.

Hanging floors and instillations

Hanging installations, or floral chandeliers are the latest trend on Instagram and Pinterest and are the new ‘must have’ in floral design. Hanging installations create such drama and an incredible visual impact when your guests walk in the room. See the recent hanging floral installation we had just last month.

Wedding trend, hanging floral installation
Image: Lost In Love Photography

Rented wedding dresses

After we saw Boris Jones’ wife rent her couture wedding dress, how do we look back?
Especially with the fluctuation in covid retractions, brides are finding it hard to commit to high priced items such as a wedding dress. Renting fashion is considered mainstream in Australia, so will renting wedding dresses follow?

Woman in wedding dress
Image: Collections Photography

Conjoined ceremonies and receptions

Now this is a non-traditional trend that we love to see. In 2022 expect to see wedding receptions that include the ceremony element. According to Choosi, more than 65 per cent of recently wedded couples say Covid increased the stress around their wedding, so as a way to reduce that stress and not to mention the costs, couples are opting to be wedded at their reception.

Wedding couple kissing
Image: Kas Richards

Sequel weddings

Over the past two years we have seen the birth of some never-seen-before trends, Covid-19 forced couples to completely reimagine their wedding days and that is when we saw the birth of ‘Sequel Weddings’. A sequel wedding occurs when a couple opts for a micro wedding ceremony with plans to have a larger celebration once covid restrictions had eased. The only real difference between a sequel wedding and a regular wedding is that the couple are already legally married prior to the celebration.

Image: Theodore and Co

The return of the cake

Forget donut walls and cupcakes, we are going back to what we know best – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Cakes are making a return in every shape, size and colour, we are seeing anything from short one-tier to big bold colours.

Wedding cake trend, two tier with colourful florals
Image: Pinterest

Dopamine dresses

If you are not familiar with Dopamine dressing, get on TikTok!
In a nutshell, the theory behind dopamine dressing is that wearing certain colours can and may elevate your mood. Although this isn’t entirely backed by science, fashion legends are living and breathing by this style pursuit. Expect to see many more non-traditional colours as a way for a bride/groom to connect nostalgia feelings with their special day.

Woman in pink ruffled dress
Image: Pinterest

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