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Top tips from Melbourne wedding stylist – The Small Things Co

Introducing The Small Things Co, one of our incredible preferred suppliers here at Metropolis Events. We were lucky enough to get an inside from co-owner and creative Director, Paula, to hear what’s trending right now in the world of styling and her top tips to couples when planning their wedding.

The Small Things Co are a Melbourne based decor hire and styling company who specialise in providing unique pieces for couples, sourced from all around the world. They provide a breadth of services from DIY hire right through to complete wedding design, coordination and styling and style approximately 50 weddings a year.

Image by Anitra Wells

Top tips by The Small Things Co

  1. Make your wedding about you and don’t worry about everyone else. I so often meet couples who are stressed out of their eyeballs trying to please families’ expectations of what their day should be like. It really takes the joy out of the planning, and some couples become so stressed trying to meet all of the demands they feel are on them. In the process of this stress their event completely loses its identity, and no longer reflects the couple, but rather a mishmash of everything others wanted for their day. To avoid this, I often ask couples what is important to them, or what is a particular element they definitely want to have included in their day. We really focus on that, and ensure the couple’s personalities are present in the details.
  2. With an abundance of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, couples often have trouble narrowing down their style for their event. They often toss between what they want, what they think they want and what everyone else is doing floating around in their head. There is also the fear that they will make a decision and regret it later, especially if they are having a long engagement.

    For couples in this situation, we begin by asking them to show us images of what they like and why. We also draw on their personal style, such as how they like to dress or the design of their interiors at home. We throw all of their images into our online client lounge, along with a heap of inspiration from us and allow the couple to go through and give us feedback on the looks they are loving and why. We then clean up the online design studio and are often left with a fairly clear direction for us to begin our design process. 

  3. The biggest regret we see from couples is not employing or asking for help with all of the pre-event, on the day and post-event logistics. We often have couples returning hire orders on a Monday morning, looking a little exhausted trying to finalise all of their wedding logistics before heading off on their honeymoon. We highly recommend either employing a stylist / planner or calling on a friend to help oversee all of the running around, set up and pack down of your day. Employing a professional means that nothing is overlooked, and all of the details that you may not have even thought about will be covered. You get to turn up on your day, relax, enjoy and party and then leave all the messy end of event logistics to a team of people who are a well-oiled machine.

What’s trending

In a continuation from 2020 trends we are seeing a focus on environmentally friendly and nature inspired styles. Although, you can draw inspiration from everything that surrounds you. Whether it is this season’s fashion trends, interior design trends or the environment itself. These elements speak to you, and should inspire the direction you take the styling for your day.

Amongst the interior design world, organic and textural details are trending with a marrying together of natural and manmade products. Elements such as raw silks, textural ceramics, woven linen, recycled papers and natural loose floral are trending in wedding tablescapes. We are seeing a move away from plastics and non-recyclable materials such as Perspex, along with the use of more muted colour palettes including, ivory, cream, latte and sand colours. 

Having something timeless doesn’t mean you have to play safe or be boring. It is just a matter of introducing interesting details aligned with sophisticated design. Soft pinks and green and whites will always be a staple to the wedding styling world. Playing with these timeless styles and mixing them up with on trend decor is a great way to achieve a modern look that won’t date in the years to come.

Images by Kas Richards & Anitra Wells


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