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Top 5 reasons why you should consider an unplugged wedding ceremony

Firstly, what is an unplugged ceremony?

This has to be one of our favorite wedding trends of 2020/21. An unplugged wedding ceremony refers to when a couple request that their guests put away all phones, cameras or any other device to encourage guests to be present and in the moment.

1. Guests are fully engaged
Having your guests fully engaged and present is one of the largest deciding factor when it comes to choosing an unplugged wedding. With the phones put away and on silent, your guests can fully engage and be in the moment, after all, you invited them to be there for the moment not document it to their Instagram followers.

Photo: Tess Follett

2. Great professional images
By remove the many phones, cameras, tripods and that one person who stands in the aisle getting ‘the best shot’ will result in much nicer professional photos. There is nothing worse than looking back at your ceremony images and seeing hardly any guests fully present. Plus, the angles that your aunty might get will definitely not be as flattering as the professional.

3. Control over how the ceremony is perceived
One of the biggest blessings that can also be a bother for brides in this day and age is social media. It is amazing to share your special day with those who maybe weren’t able to come but it also means you can lose control of who posts what. Bad, non-flattering camera angles, terrible expressions, even videos caught mid stuff up of a vow… No bride wants that on their big day. By having an unplugged ceremony, you are the keeper of all images and will share as you please.

Photo: Tess Follett

4. See and feel the emotion
This may seem obvious, but to see the face of the ones you love when turning to them instead of the back of their phone/camera is special. The smiles, the tears, the laughs, they all contribute to the ceremony’s atmosphere and moment.

5. Celebrating
How are your guests supposed to clap and celebrate as you say ‘I do’ and walk down the aisle if their hands are full. It is one of the highlights of the day, it can quickly become awkward if there is no clapping or celebration.

Image by Jonathan Borba