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Top 10 Wedding Photo Locations

With so many stunning wedding photo locations around Melbourne, it may be hard to choose the perfect few for your wedding day. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is drive around for hours and be stuck in traffic to capture the moments you will treasure forever. 

We have put together a list of the top 10 wedding photo locations at and near Metropolis Events. So trust us when we say this is the ultimate list sourced straight from our Metropolis Brides. 

As they say…location, location, location. So let us introduce the top 10 wedding photo locations that you will fall in love with.

Southbank lookout near Hammer Hall 

Located directly outside Metropolis Events, is the Southbank lookout near Hammer Hall music centre. Which overlooks the Yarra River with panoramic views of the Melbourne skyline. It is the perfect location to take your group bridal party shots, and your couple portraits and capture those intimate moments.

With such a wide range of background options using different angles and optimising different landmarks, no photo will look the same.

Princes Bridge 

If you are looking for a photo location that will take you back in time, head to Princes Bridge, Melbourne’s oldest and grandest bridge. Princes Bridge is located in-between Flinders Street Station and Hammer Hall, which is within walking distance to Metropolis Events (about 5 minutes). 

Princes Bridge has features that will add to the grandness of your pictures; tall old-fashioned light posts and a deep green railing. Showcasing sweeping views of the Yarra River on either side, you have two outstanding views to choose from as your backdrop;

  • A southern city skyline view including iconic landmarks; Eureka Tower & Flinders Street Station (Metropolis Events included)
  • The garden banks of the Yarra River include a view over the botanical gardens

The sunsets in particular at this location are breathtaking, so getting your couple’s portraits taken during the sunset will only enhance the romance with the sky painted with colours of red, orange and pink, it’s the perfect golden hour moment. To capture the perfect photo, get your photographer to stand afar to capture the bridge, view and you all in the frame. To get that perfect candid photo of you both admiring the view, your photographer can head to the Southbank lookout near Hammer Hall. 



The NGV is located at 180 St Kilda Road which is an 8-minute walk or a 10-minute drive to or from Metropolis Events.  

The best photo location at the NGV is the feature arched waterfall in the entryway. This is a photo location that allows your photographer to capture the emotion and intimacy that you and your partner have as a newly married couple through a silhouette shot. 

For the best silhouette shots at the NGV, you will need the background to be brighter than you and your partner which means capturing the shot at the beginning or end of the day is the optimum time. Your photographer will stand on one side of the waterfall and you and your partner on the other side. The silhouette of you both complemented by the trickling water will be a photo you frame.

Metropolis Windows 

There is not another wedding photo location that truly represents Metropolis than a classic photo in front of our 9-metre high floor to ceiling windows. With a plethora of natural light that orbits the entire room, golden hour & nighttime photos here are nothing short of amazing.

The photo opportunities to note down are:

  • A dipped kiss
  • First dance
  • Cutting the cake
  • Candid moments of the bridal party at the bridal table
  • Toasts & speeches

Chanel Store Windows

Nothing says luxe like pictures in front of the Chanel Store windows on Flinders Lane! The Chanel store is the epitome of luxury, a magnificent white stone building with black accents and arched rounded windows. This spot is perfect for modern couple portraits such as;

  • Walking photos
    • Hand in hand
    • Crossing the road (ultimate Carrie Bradshaw vibes)
  • A dipped kiss
  • Sipping champagne (luxury vibe achieved)

Your photos here will look like they are straight out of Vogue Bridal.

Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria 

The Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria is the most beautiful and tranquil place for your wedding photos. With so many native trees and florals surrounding you, every corner you turn is a photo opportunity. Located in South Yarra, just a short drive from Metropolis Events (about 5 minutes), it’s a great location to sneak away and get your newlywed photos done. It also allows you to have some alone time together to soak in that you just got married! 

Summer and spring weddings will allow your photos here to feature beautifully blossoming florals and luscious green trees. Autumn and winter weddings capture the changing of the seasons with crisp orange and red leaves fluttering down and lining the ground. For those rainy days, utilise some clear umbrellas and capture some beautiful photos with the raindrops falling. 

Metropolis Escalators 

There is nothing more unconventional than a photo opportunity at the Metropolis entrance escalators. Featuring twinkling rows of string lights, the iconic Metropolis sign is complemented by a canopy of greenery. It is a unique photo location, specific to our Metropolis couples. 

The best kinds of photos are the ones that are caught off guard and we couldn’t agree more. Use this as your opportunity to catch those candid moments whether it’s between you and your partner, your bride tribe or your whole bridal party. You will always look back on photos here in this location and remember how you felt at that moment.

Spiral Staircase 

A location tucked away near the Waterslide Bar, with an old fashioned grey spiral staircase. This dramatic staircase leads you from Southbank to the Panorama entrance of Metropolis and it is a must-have on your photography shot list. Not only is it near our venue (so you might as well snap a couple of pictures whilst you are there) but the photos here will display drama and look very editorial. 

The perfect location to capture those intimate hand in hand walking moments. To truly commemorate the moment, the best type of photos are in B&W – we will let the photos do the talking and you will see why.

Metropolis Outdoor Terrace 

Adjoining the Aviary Room at Metropolis is our terrace. Step out through the glass door and be hypnotized by the view of Urban Melbourne that is exclusive to us. No matter whether your photos are captured during the day or at night time, the view of Melbourne will be the most impressive backdrop for your photos.

Now that the weather is getting colder and the nights are getting longer, the sunsets are earlier and have been lighting up the sky with all shades of pinks, reds and oranges. Plan your photos around the sunset and we can guarantee your photos will be magical.

Sneak away during your reception, to capture more intimate moments in front of the twinkling city lights. These shots are always exquisite and will be photos that will remind you of the love you and your partner share. 

The Shrine of Remembrance 

For regal photo opportunities head to the Shrine of Remembrance at Birdwood Avenue, a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute car drive from or to Metropolis Events. 

The best photo location is from afar, looking at the Shrine of Remembrance, featuring a bluestone path and luxuriant, groomed trees that line the pathway. This location allows for a car to stop, which is perfect if you want to feature your mode of transport in a few of your images. 

For that statement shot, try and capture the wind in your veil so it is floating (if there is no wind, get someone from your bridal party to lift it up and quickly dash). 


Hopefully, by providing you with our top 10 wedding photo locations at and near Metropolis Events, it has made your decision of picking those perfect few locations for your wedding day that much easier. 


Still, looking for that perfect wedding location? Whether it’s for your ceremony or reception, Metropolis Events is the venue for you. It’s time to start imagining your wedding with us.