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The new floral trend you need to know about!

An elegant alternative to fresh flowers, which only last a few days, are dried and preserved arrangements. These are becoming a more popular choice for weddings, as we start to see flower shortages across the country due to the pandemic.  Dried arrangements also make a perfect keepsake from your day, staying exactly as you and your florist imagined them. 

We spoke to Floretta by Grace about this trend and the range that they have available for weddings!

  1. Tell us a bit about this range

We don’t have a range as such, we are offering bespoke wedding flowers created using dried and preserved botanical materials. 

Besides the wedding flowers our main side gig currently is our online store selling dried & preserved artisan style botanical arrangements delivered across Melbourne.

Dried white and peach bouquet
  1. What inspired this new range?

Dried and preserved flowers are really popular right now, one of biggest issues / risks we face creating wedding flowers during the Pandemic is the shifting nature of lockdowns and restrictions, our biggest concern with fresh flowers is that the flowers need to be ordered and paid for in advance & we can’t cancel orders, so if the wedding can’t go ahead the flowers go to waste.

With dried & preserved flowers this isn’t an issue! & the best part is that they can be kept & enjoyed for years after & even gifted to guests!

Dried white, cream and blush bouquet
  1. Do you have any information on after care for this range?

Care & lifespan:

Preserved & dried flowers have a general shelf life of 1-3 years, but they may last much longer (they will however fade over time.)

There is no expiration date for flowers that have been dried or preserved. While many claim they will last indefinitely, their appearance & longevity actually depend on environmental conditions & handling:

— High humidity, moisture & windy conditions will shorten the shorter the lifespan.

— For best results handle with care

— All floral materials will age differently; some may age quicker than others.

— Dried & preserved flowers & foliage is delicate and can easily be crushed so handing should be minimal.

— Keep out of direct sunlight, away from air conditioning or heating ducts, windy or humid conditions.

— Display away from damp or wet areas like bathrooms

— This arrangement is made of dried flowers & foliage not fresh so does not require water.

Dried corsage in naturals and blush
  1. Can these be used for other floral decorations as well?

There is absolutely no limit to what dried & preserved flowers can be applied to, arches, feature arrangements, table centrepieces, instillations.

They are actually more versatile than fresh in hot weather as they won’t be damaged by the heat & they come in a huge range of colours.

We have a few weddings coming up in November that will utilise the dried so stay tuned for photos!

Dried bouquet centre piece idea