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The future of events is here!

It has certainly been a long six months for the events industry with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 forcing their closure. So, the big question on everyone’s mind is…. What does the future of events look like?

While we are all hoping for the green light to get back into the venues surrounded by great food and even better drinks, the reality is that it may still be another six months before we can all meet in large groups again. For most clients, that means postponing their events, conferences and award nights. Fortunately, Metropolis Events and Technical Events have been busy planning for the road ahead. We’ve created a pop-up live studio to facilitate all event needs, designed to assist you in “Re-Imagining” the world of events.

We spoke to Technical Events about this “new way of events”. Here’s what they had to say about it!


Founded in 2011, Technical Events specialises in audio visual production and event rigging for a diverse range of clients and venues. We are passionate about delivering industry leading technical outcomes, be it for high end corporate events, stylish weddings or private parties. Attention to detail and a commitment to our client’s needs are the hallmarks of our approach.

Metropolis Events and Technical Events have a long-standing partnership and have been working together to produce some of the most memorable event experiences in the technical world since day one of opening.

How have Technical Events had to adapt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Like many other colleagues in the industry, we have expended an enormous effort pivoting towards being able to deliver hybrid events for clients, as well as purely streamed events and webinars. Our staff have and continue to train extensively so we can offer our clients the same confidence for delivering on-line events with successful outcomes as we do for live events.

Tell us a bit about the live studio.

The live studio is a collaboration with Technical Events and Metropolis Events.  Taking advantage of the stunning physical attributes of the venue, alongside industry leading technical infrastructure, we have been able to create a unique offering for companies and private events that represents exceptional value.

Working in a COVID safe way will be the new normal for quite some time to come.  The Metropolis Live pop up studio can facilitate COVID safe work practices at the highest levels of comfort and safety for presenters and technical staff alike.

Combine this with world class views, central location, easy access and a dynamic team of technical experts and you have streaming studio quite unlike any other in Melbourne.

What sort of events is the studio useful for?

We can cover the full gamut of streaming events.  From studio-based webinars to live hybrid events.  Other examples might be conferences, financial reports, product launches, runways, awards, entertainment and celebratory occasions such as weddings and parties.

Do you have experience with online events?

Yes, Technical Events has been involved with streaming events for several years now. We can manage events as simple as medical seminar with a remote presenter, to live streamed corporate presentations, panel discussions and entertainment events.

Talk us through the online experience and how it would work for a new customer who selected the Metropolis Live studio package?

The first step is to assess what the client wants to achieve and if they have any preferred platform for the delivery of their message or event online. We then assign a producer for the event. The package price includes some pre-production time to check client content and the producer will work with the client to develop the script and production schedule for the event.

We have comprehensive technical check lists for any staff or presenters who might be dialing in remotely for the event. We also conduct tests prior to the event to ensure the stream goes smoothly without any technical issues.

How long does the editing process take?

This does depend on the extent the client wants to engage with creating post event resources.  As a default we record all streamed material for the client.  Converting the stream in post event resources depends on how much video and audio editing is required.  And edit can take half a day up to a week. There is no simple answer to this.

Any tips for customers thinking about planning an online event?

The technical requirements for any event involving streaming via the internet, either live streamed or pre-recorded, is much closer to traditional broadcast rather than live events.  We work with our clients to ensure the event is properly scripted prior to the stream, no matter how simple or complex.

Giving thought to presentation resources such as slides or video, presenters, MC’s, camera angles, lighting and audio are all crucial for a successful stream.

Other key considerations are which platform suits best for clients or staff to engage with, whether it is Microsoft Teams for example, or Vimeo, or Facebook live.

The pre-production phase is as crucial as the actual stream itself to ensure a successful hiccup free event.  We conduct extensive testing prior to live streams to ensure proprietary fire walls or IT architecture won’t pose problems mid event etc.   Our team of highly skilled AV technicians have the experience and initiative to handle almost everything thrown their way.  A stampede of dinosaurs might cause some consternation at AV control, but if it involves Video, Lighting, Cameras, Audio or the Internet, we have you covered.

How can clients share the videos or streams online with their guests?

Some of the common platforms for content delivery are Vimeo, Microsoft Teams, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Periscope.  Some clients have specific platforms they require, such as Microsoft Teams.  Others may have the stream re-streamed to multiple CDNs (content delivery networks for those unfamiliar with the term).

Why do you think it’s important that people use online technology for events instead of just postponing?

Maintaining engagement with clients and staff is crucial, particularly in times such as these.  Online technology is the key bridge to facilitate this in the midst of the pandemic. 

Online engagement however also offers an opportunity for companies and individuals to innovate with new ways of reaching and engaging with clients and staff.  Moving forward, online engagement will become an important tool for all companies even after the COVID -19 pandemic is (hopefully) a dimly receding memory.

Whether it is company reporting, product launches, awards events or even a wedding, the Metropolis Live Pop-up Studio represents the best launching pad for your message in Melbourne

To find out more about our “Metropolis Live” pop-up studio, fill out the enquiry below!