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Sizzling Summer Sips

The drinks you can expect to see this holiday season…

The warm weather has finally arrived in Melbourne, and just like everyone else we can’t wait to clock off and {responsibly} enjoy our favourite summer sips in the sunshine by the Yarra. With this in mind, we felt the time was right to get the latest from our resident beverage brainiac, Operations Manager, Natasha.

Here’s what she had to say…

The Spumoni Spritz. A revised version, we like it with Campari, gin, posh tonic, and sparkling grapefruit soda.  Fruit or herb garnish, whatever citrus you have in the fruit bowl, or whatever herbs are growing outside (or growing at the neighbour’s place).

The Shandy. Whilst it is desperately uncool, we’d like to bring it back but with one-quarter soda, one-quarter lemonade and half beer. I like GOAT Beer by the fine lads at Mountain Goat Beer, so that after a settling shandy, you can drink the rest of the bottle and it’s still delicious.

Sgroppino. Prosecco, lemon sorbet and a splash of vodka (or grappa if that’s how you roll). It’s like a grownup slushy in a champagne flute – with a mint leaf on it of course. The prosecco needs to be bitterly cold and a style on the drier side of the prosecco family to pull this off as the sorbet adds sweetness. You want the sorbet to be a cheerful little ball, bobbing away on top of the sparkling like a buoy on the sea. It’s also an opportunity to use nanna’s old champagne coupes if you have them – it looks delightful.

Champagne. There is hardly a mammal alive that does not love champagne. Well, none of the Metropolis mammals that is. Having recently been to Tyson Seltzer’s champagne big day out, a highlight was our old friend, Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve non-vintage. It’s soubriquet of poor man’s Krug (a humble brag if ever there was one) is both a fair and unfair assessment. Our assessment is that it is delicious – brioche characters and pears, a fully integrated and long mouthfeel, and it is positively lively in the glass and dry without being bracing. There may be flashier wines for the price, but bang for your buck, it is an extraordinary beverage.

Magnums. Bigger is better. There is something terribly amusing about a really large bottle. It’s also handy, solves getting two bottles out of the fridge and provides a mild arm workout. Magnums are the gift that just gives and gives until the last drop.

Now that you have the low-down and the working week is over, what better time to hit up your favourite local and test your mixologist’s talent. See you at the bar!