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Site inspection at Metropolis Events

So you’ve searched high and low through thousands of wedding venues, and you’ve decided that Metropolis Events is your DREAM wedding venue!!!! 

The first thing you will want to do is book a site inspection to ensure that the venue is the right fit for you and your guests!

How to book a site inspection

It’s super easy to book a site inspection at Metropolis Events, so let us walk you through it!

  • Send an enquiry through our website here
  • Call us on (03) 8537 7300 (we love to have a chat)

Our sales manager will follow up on your enquiry ASAP! They will ask you for some more details of your enquiry (i.e wedding, rough dates etc) and then they will work out a date for you to come in and view our venue (this can be anytime during the week or on a Saturday). 

Before your site inspection

Our sales manager will reach out to you with some important information that should be read before you tour our venue! 

  • You will receive the first available dates for Metropolis 
  • You will also receive a brochure that includes;
    • An overview of our packages & pricing 
    • Our minimum food & beverage spend
    • Venue inclusions 

Your planner will go through all of this information in detail on the day of your inspection, so keep hold of your questions until then! 

Site inspection at Metropolis Events

Now that you are booked in to visit your dream venue! You may have a lot of questions about how a site inspection works. Well, it must be your lucky day…….because we’ve answered them all.

How long does a site inspection take?

About an hour!

You will tour the entire venue (yes even the bathrooms!), your planner will go through our packages with you in detail, allow you to take as many pictures as you want and answer all those burning questions (although we can guarantee that all your questions will be covered).

Who can you bring?

Absolutely everybody, every girl and every boy (shoutout Vanessa Amorosi). On a serious note, you can bring anybody who will help you with advice and ask questions about the venue.

But here’s a recommendation of who you should bring;

  • Your FiancĂ©
  • Your parents & in-laws 
  • Your VIPs
    • Siblings
    • Cousins
    • Aunts & Uncles
  • Bridal Party 

Whilst it’s lovely to have all your nearest and dearest with you on the day, you can also choose to have an intimate experience and just bring your FiancĂ©! 

What do you need to have prepared?

We don’t expect you to come to your site inspection with your entire guest list finalised and styling locked in (props to you if you are that organized) but here’s a recommendation of things you may want to keep in your mind for the day!

  • An open mind and flexibility! Unfortunately, we can’t promise the date you have your heart set on is available so it’s a good idea to have a few dates in mind!
  • Don’t look at booking suppliers, get your venue locked in first and everything else will flow from there (plus our planners have great recommendations for suppliers)
  • A rough idea of your guest list (numbers can always fluctuate but we just need to know what we are working with!)
  • The type of wedding you want! Cocktail vs Sit-down or if you want a Ceremony & Reception

What to expect at the site inspection

Today is the day………..one step closer to your magical day 

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect on the day of your site inspection; 

  • An in-depth tour of our venue includes; 
    • All bathrooms
    • Entrances & exits 
    • Cloakrooms
    • Bridal suites 
  • Your planner will sit down with you and your guests and go through the wedding packages in detail as well as discuss; 
    • any specific ideas you may have for your day 
    • minimum spends 
    • available dates 
    • venue styling and food 
  • Question time 

What questions should you ask on the day

We can guarantee that every burning question you have will be covered by our wedding planner on the day of your site inspection at Metropolis Events!

So when the time to ask questions arises, you should think of what’s most important to you! For example, if you are really into food, ask questions about the menu, if you want to know the best photo locations in the venue ask for picture locations. 

Our wedding planners have planned thousands of weddings so they are full of knowledge and always have great recommendations to share.

The follow-up process

So you finally got to tour your dream wedding venue! (ah how exciting). 

Our sales manager will email you the week following your site inspection with a proposal. The proposal will include everything that was discussed during your site inspection including any specific details;

  • Your event information 
    • Date of your event
    • Timing 
    • Estimated guest numbers
  • Minimum spend 
    • Dining package 
    • Beverage package 
    • Venue services 
    • Audio Visual
  • A detailed venue inclusion list 
  • Our current dining menu 
  • List of preferred suppliers
  • Important information
    • Accommodation
    • Car Parking 
  • Specific details 
    • Floor plan 
  • A specific type of styling
    • Recommended suppliers
    • Request for food

We recommend that if your heart is set on having your wedding ceremony or reception at Metropolis Events that you confirm your date ASAP after receiving your proposal! To confirm your date we require a 25% deposit, this will be discussed with you in your follow up email! 

We will try and make contact at least once a week to follow you up as we know dates book out quickly! We are genuinely interested in your wedding journey, so please let us know what your final decision is! 

One last important note from our wedding planners!

If you are touring Metropolis Events whilst there is a wedding being set up, please keep in mind that it took that couple a year to achieve that look! So if you feel overwhelmed when you see our space styled, remember that everyone has a different style and the best thing about our venue is it can be transformed into your dream wedding!

Ready to get the ball rolling on your wedding planning, get in touch with one of our Wedding Specialists today to book your site inspection.