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Recipe: Turkish Delight & Rosewater Pots

Enjoy a taste of Metropolis Events at home with this easy to follow Turkish Delight & Rosewater Pots recipe

Created by our in-house culinary team and inspired by Middle Eastern flavours, this is the perfect dessert to finish any gathering. The beautiful combination of crunchy white chocolate, rose water, almond and raspberry, will impress your family and friends. Made from the distillation of rose petals, rose water is one of the hottest ingredients to cook with at the moment… get your aprons ready!

Easily broken down into four parts, this recipe makes approximately 20 mini dessert glasses. Using everyday ingredients and equipment, there is something so satisfying about serving individual desserts especially when they look this good! Where to begin? Ensure to follow each step individually. We promise it’s that simple.

Ingredients List

Punnets fresh raspberries
200gTurkish Delight, chopped into small cubes
100gWhite chocolate (to garnish)
120gWhite chocolate 
30Glucose syrup
130mlThickened cream
400mlDouble cream
80gCold Butter (diced)
30gAlmond meal
30gFlaked almonds
140gPlain flour
50gCaster Sugar
50gBrown Sugar
200gFresh or frozen raspberries (thawed) 
2 tspSugar
1 tspLemon juice



Part One: Rosewater Cream
To make ganache, heat thickened cream & glucose syrup until almost boiling. Pour over white chocolate in a small bowl, stir until melted & refrigerate overnight. Lightly whip white chocolate ganache, double cream & rosewater together until smooth.

Part Two: Almond Crumble
Blend cold butter, almond meal, flaked almonds, plain flour, caster sugar and brown sugar in a food processor until crumbly  – do not over blend to a paste!
Spread out on baking trays.
Bake 150C for 10-12 min until very light golden brown & store in an airtight container.

Part Three: Raspberry Coulis
Blend frozen or fresh raspberries, sugar and lemon juice in a small jug with a stick blender (or put in a food processor or blender). Strain through a sieve to remove most of seeds.

Part Four: Assembling
Pipe a small amount of Rosewater cream into each glass.
Top with two raspberries & two pieces of Turkish delight, top with crumble mix & repeat layer.
Top with final layer of rosewater cream, raspberry coulis & white chocolate shards (or grated white chocolate).

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