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One Year On – Maddie & Michael

And just like that…we’re one month into 2023, and V-Day is just around the corner too!

For this month’s edition of ‘One Year On’ we are reminiscing with Maddie & Michael who tied the knot at Metropolis Events and vowed to make a long-life commitment to each other.

This couple’s love is based on “giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have and receive”…ok enough of that, Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

We caught up with soulmates Maddie & Michael and asked them to shed light on their big day, their favourite memories, what they have been up to and what the future holds!

Let’s see what they had to say, shall we? Grab some tissues; it’s about to get teary-eyed in here.

Maddie & Michael

Maddie & Michael hosted their magical ceremony & reception at Metropolis Events in January 2022, and it was “perfect”. From the ceremony to the reception, the couple was all about keeping their styling fresh, clean and sophisticated. They chose white florals for their ceremony arch, bridal & guest table centrepieces and scattered on-trend white pillared candles that flickered and escalated the romance in the air.

One year later, the couple marked their first wedding anniversary by reminiscing about how phenomenal and seamless the day was and wishing they could relive it again.

Let’s see what they said we caught up with them, shall we?

How did you both meet

Both: Well, we both grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, which has that pretty small-town feel (where everyone knows everyone!), so we had met a few times before actually taking proper notice of each other! When we started talking, I (Maddie) found an old photo of us from a group photo that was taken at a Melbourne music festival. Isn’t that just insane how small the world is?

Tell us about the proposal?

Maddie: Well…it was supposed to be a Christmas proposal, but Mick (Michael) had other plans! He had a few drinks the night after he secretly purchased the ring and ruined the surprise lol! Obviously, I said yes.

Why did you choose Metropolis as your venue?

Both: Metropolis was the first venue we viewed, and we instantly fell in love!! The beautiful grand-scale windows and the sweeping views of the city and the Yarra are simply outstanding. Paired with the beautiful menus on offer, what was not to love, really? Is it wrong to say we didn’t even bother viewing a single other venue (love at first sight, some may say)?

**NB: No Maddie it is not wrong to say, we couldn’t agree more, that’s why we are the #1 Wedding Venue in Australia😉**

What was your favourite part of planning a wedding?

Maddie: I get butterflies just thinking about when we first viewed the venue and also trying on my dress for the first, second and 300th time.

Michael: My favourite part…was that I hardly planned a thing, lol (great job Maddie!).

One year on, what was the most memorable part of the day?

Both: The Ceremony! Being surrounded by our loved ones while exchanging our vows and making a lifelong commitment to each other was so nerve-racking but equally as exciting. We feel so full of love and joy thinking about it!

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Maddie: I would have drunk a tiny bit less (I ended up passing out so early!)

Photography: La Moment Photography

Do you have any advice for other couples?

Both: It isn’t easy to offer advice as every couple’s day is so personal and tailored to them! But my only suggestion would be to make you happy, and forget what anybody else wants, at the end of the day it’s your day so do what makes you both happy.

What have you both been up to in the past year?

Both: Well…we welcomed our second daughter to the world! This is such a blessing; she is only three months old…so you do the math 😉

What is next for you both?

Both: Look out The Block! (Just kidding) But we are starting to renovate our house. We have two beautiful daughters and are madly in love with each other after seven years; we’re able to solidify our love through marriage and have the most beautiful day to reflect on! Can it really get much better than that?


Happy Anniversary, Maddie & Michael! One year down, forever to go! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.


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