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Upper Level, Southgate
Shopping Precinct
Southbank VIC 3006

(03) 8537 7300

Meet the team: Angela

We would like to introduce our new Head of Sale and Events, Angela!! Angela has just started with us in January 2021 and we are so excited to have her on board with the Metropolis Events team. In order to get to know her a little bit more we picked her brain with a questionnaire; this is what we found out…

Angela has worked in sales and events for a whopping 20 years! She loves the industry and thoroughly enjoys creating spectacular events and memories for people to share. Another aspect of the role she loves is working closely with clients and delivering on high expectations.

We learnt that some of her strength are listening, honesty, integrity and making people feel good. She also mentioned that there are two quotes that she lives by and repeatedly reiterates to her daughters;

“Don’t stress over the problem, work on the solution”


“Manners cost nothing”

Angela has two gorgeous dogs named Doug and Marli that she absolutely adores, in her spare time she often takes them for walks on the beach. We also learnt that she has ex racehorses that she enjoys retraining and rehoming, a lot of her spare time is spent managing them. Her other hobbies include; horse riding, fishing, travel, and spending time with her daughters, so I think it’s safe to say she is a busy bee.

Angela likes a 6am morning workouts, she believes they help her get started for the day and that they are the one of the keys to combatting the perfect work/life balance.  Enjoying time with her animals, family and friends are the other keys that Angela swears by to help keep that balance.

Finally, we asked the intriguing question of where she imagined herself in 5 years and she simply answered ‘who knows, life is full of different journeys and surprises’ 

Welcome Angela, we wish you a bright and prosperous future with Metropolis.