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Love is love: A chat with our friends at Mr Theodore

One of the greatest things we believe in at Metropolis Events, is the strength and power that love has in today’s society. When we were first introduced to Mr Theodore, we were immediately captivated by their unique and inclusive approach to the wedding market. Considered an evolving inspiration for many, you may ask… who actually is Mr Theodore?

We got to chat with Alexander, founder and driving force behind the Mr Theodore brand. Having created Mr Theodore together with his husband Nick back in 2015, what he representatives, what he is passionate about and what it is that makes his brand so unique.

Mr Theodore – Who is he?

We are an online wedding platform dedicated to erasing the line between same-sex and opposite-sex weddings, showcasing the finest wedding suppliers from right across Australia that embrace same-sex and opposite-sex wedding equally. Mr Theodore is a platform free of prejudice where any couple can go and plan their wedding, knowing that the suppliers they select from us support same-sex marriage, whether it be for themselves or just out of ethics.

Tell us a bit about the launch of Mr Theodore.

We launched back in 2016. Back then there was a much-needed space dedicated to LGBTQI+ couples. Not saying that as a same-sex couple we wanted something just for us, but it was important to create a platform that was inclusive. We actually experienced a little prejudice within the wedding industry here in Melbourne around our own wedding plans and thought to ourselves ‘Where can we find same-sex supporting wedding suppliers’. There was nothing at all that even remotely catered to us, so hence we decided to create our own Mr Theodore. I started by emailing numerous wedding professionals and asked if they supported same-sex marriage. The ones that said yes then got an invitation to join the Mr Theodore directory, and so the rest is history.

You truly are an inspiration to the wedding industry – tell us about the details of your wedding day & favourite part of it?

I can’t believe it has already been over 2 years ago. In terms of the day itself, we wanted a wedding that felt masculine, yet elegant. However, the most important thing was that we had a wedding that truly reflected us. I must say though that apart from saying ‘I do’ to the love of my life, the most favourite part of our wedding came afterwards.

Same-sex marriage wasn’t as yet legal when we first said our I do’s, so once our wedding images (taken by the incredible Bek Smith – hit her up. She really is amazing) started circulating on social media, we received countless messages of support, and messages from LGBTQI+ couples from all over the world saying how much of an inspiration we where in helping them move forward with celebrating their wedding.

Our wedding video even made it into the television commercial for Marriage Equality during the postal survey, and The Project ran it in one of their stories.

When you speak about love is love – what does this mean to you personally?

It is definitely a phrase that has become a popular global attitude… but to me personally, it does mean just that… that love really is just love, a love that can’t be denied.

Reflecting over the major milestone for Australia voting “yes”, how does the industry look like now in comparison to 2015?

Oh the wedding industry is just beaming with love, like it always has, but with all couples now being able to celebrate.

In saying that, there is still a long way to go in regards to inclusion and acceptance and it is still said to hear of businesses within the industry being unsupportive. However, I am also a believer of people being able to have their own views and beliefs on things.

I come from a family where many members are opposed to same-sex marriage because of religion, and it is what it is. After countless arguments and disagreements we need to learn to live and coincide with each other and to some degree that neutral respect needs to be brought in to the picture, no matter how difficult it is. In saying that though, that’s why we created Mr Theodore, so couples can come and plan their wedding with suppliers that we can guarantee do support their love, and where suppliers can promote themselves as supporters of this love.

Dare to let us in on any upcoming projects/ exciting times ahead?

There is always something in the works, until further notice though, we’re keeping the lid on certain things.

Metropolis Events proudly supports same sex marriages and is delighted to be working closely with the team at Mr Theodore, in providing the utmost of support and guidance during what is such a special time for all couples.

For more information, visit www.mrtheodore.com.au #MrTheodore