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Looking back, Learning forward

The future of 2021 starts with your team- are you brave enough to make this your year?

Pivot is a word that we have all heard time and time again over the last year. “It’s time to pivot your business”, “Make the most of new opportunities”. But it’s a word that has taken on a new meaning in the year of 2020. For many, it has come to mean survival. If your business is still standing in 2021, firstly we want to say, congratulations! It has been a tough year and the fact that you have gotten through it, is an amazing accomplishment! But we are sure that this achievement hasn’t come without it’s sacrifices. Over the last few months, we have spoken to many business owners, event managers about these sacrifices and what it has meant for their business. One of the greatest challenges that we have all shared in the corporate industry, involved teams.

Some, were faced with the tough decision of laying off staff. Some, were conscious of the fact that they wanted to keep key members of the team but were now unable to do so in a fulltime capacity. Others were presented with the new challenges that came packaged with a virtual work environment. As a result of the unprecedented times we experienced and are still experiencing to this day, there was a shift in focus. Words such as “corporate strategy” and “a united team” became words of the past and they were replaced with a greater priority focused on mere survival. There is nothing to be ashamed of, this was the reality of the situation. Without survival, there was no business and without a business there was no team. But as skies begin to look brighter, we are now looking back to learn forward, and to move forward in 2021 we believe the focus should now be shifted back to its rightful place, THE TEAM.

Mentoring today’s minds for the future of your business is crucial. Inspiring, motivating and building a team culture is now at the center of corporate strategies for 2021. So, where do we even begin? At Metropolis Events, we believe it is important to get the team back together and align the future vision of your company. That’s why we have been working behind the scenes to develop breakout sessions and team building experiences like you have never seen before!

Motivational speakers

How do you re-engage the team? Motivation is key! Leaning on industry experts and external influencers is a great way to get the team up and about again! And let’s face it, your team are more likely going to listen to a motivational speaker than you anyway.

We work closely with a range of motivational speakers at Metropolis Events. All of which have reputable backgrounds and are known to offer fun and exciting activities that will get anyone on their feet and open to the day ahead. Don’t forget, we also now have the Metropolis Live studio so you can broadcast your event live and also dial in key speakers that may not be able to make it to the event.

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We believe that entertainment is important for every event for one reason… guests will have fun! And if guests have fun, they are more likely to engage with others as well as the messages you are sharing. We have a range of preferred suppliers that create exceptional experiences. You may have seen Sally Cooper at our venue recently. Sally Cooper is a much sought-after performer. Her passion is felt by all and it is an experience that can only be described as magical. If you are looking for entertainment to add to your next event, chat to us about the multitude of options available. We can tailor something to suit every occasion.

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Mindfulness sessions

We believe that balance is key to a happy and focused work life. As a commitment to wellness in the workplace, Metropolis Events has partnered with Happy Melon Studios to bring you Balance by Metropolis Events – the healthier and more mindful way to conference.

Happy Melon facilitators can deliver guided meditation, yoga, Pilates and fitness classes along with customised workshops to suit your event.

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Flair bar tenders

Add some flair to your next event with a pre- or post-event cocktail hour. We work with some of the most experienced bar tenders in Melbourne that will be sure to captivate your audience and bring your event to life

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