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International women’s day!

Recognizing and addressing gender equalities is this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme.

#BreakTheBias aims to have a gender-equal world and here at Metropolis Events, we are passionate about enforcing and ensuring that within our workplace we are free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. This is recognized with nearly 70% of leadership being female and a large group of upcoming female talent working behind the scenes.

To mark this IWD we brought together a few of the women behind Metropolis Events and spoke to them about what it means to be a woman in the workplace, who inspires them and how the company culture at Metropolis allows them to succeed in their role. 

Allow us to introduce you first…

Meet the team

Karinda our fabulous Wedding Sales Manager! Who has been with Metropolis for almost a year and a half!

Kirstin our extradordinary Event Planner! Kirstin has been with Metropolis for nearly a year!

Georgia our spectaular Event Planner! Georgia has just started with Metropolis! – A big warm welcome

Alanna our fantastic Event Planner! Alanna has been with Metropolis for over a year now!


If you could pick any woman in history to join us at the table for this conversation, who would it be? (who inspires you?)

Karinda: “The lady, the myth, the legend; Queen Kris Jenner! Also, if she is unavaliable that day, the ACTUAL Queen. We bow to Liz!”

Kirstin:At the moment I’m so inspired by Alexis Fernandez, she has a podcast which is all about being strong when it comes to what you want, and how you deal with conflict! I’d love to sit and chat with her!!”

Georgia: “I would have to say Coco Chanel, she greatly incfluenced women’s fashion and paved the path for a power suit!” 

Alanna: “In history, it would have to be “the” Mary to know the tea on what went down. However, for now, it would probably be Taylor Swift so I can confirm all my suspicions about the meaning behind lyrics I constantly listen to. Also, Turia Pitt’s story is incredibly inspiring and I’ve been told she’s an extraordinary speaker.”

What resources and relationships are important for you in the office? In order for you to succeed

Karinda: “A supportive and talented team you know you can rely on. When everybody in the group delivers – magic is made!” “A cheeky office gossip (ft Married at First Sight chats, a coffee, glass of wine – or all of the above) can work wonders!” 

Kirstin: “Open conversations and an open plan office! Defintely nothing worse than individual closed desk spots. I need connection and nice people! Team work makes the dream work!!” 

Georgia: “I love our open plan office space, it allows all of the team to bounce ideas off each other and opens up communication. This allows us to build a strong team environment”

Alanna: “The relationships with the team are key to a perfect event. Our open plan office really helps too!” 

What are your passions outside of work?

Karinda: “Anything and everything to do with food & entertaining! Nerdying out with a fab book, exploring and travelling, Interior/event design/architecture/general gorgeous things!” 

Kirstin: “I like cooking, learning how to hula hoop, drawing and listening to music!” 

Georgia: “Creating art, going to the gym and cooking!” 

Alanna: “All forms of wine & dining (we live in such a great city for this), travelling, walking my corgi and being (extra) fabulous.” 

What is it like to work with a team of nearly all women? 

Karinda: “Entertaining, supportive, loud & collaborative!” 

Kirstin: “Good! Though it can be alot of emotions sometimes, it’s good to have everyone on the same page and not have anyone trying to outdo each other” 

Georgia: “I love working around such amazing and strong women, we build eachother up and cheer eachother on! It’s such a supportive environment and we are always there for one another through the ups and downs”

Alanna: “I feel we can be more personal about our work for better and have more open communication that we might have with male counter parts” 


We also chatted to our General Manager Phillip Williams and asked him a few questions about gender equality, diversity within the workplace and what women inspire him. 

During your time at Metropolis Events, what is your impression of how we stack up on gender equality? 

Phillip: “I am extremely proud to have an all-female leadership team, they are the heart and soul of this unique business. Angela Murphy – Head of Sales, Lana Cargill – Executive Chef, Kathryn Mayall – Head of Marketing & Sarah Risdale – Operations (currently on Maternity leave)”

Why do you think diveristy in the workplace is so important? 

Phillip: “Diveristy has always been important to me, I have lived and worked in 3 countries and I really see a value in a diverse work place. I think everyone should have the opportunity to do any job they are passionate about. Diversity and inclusion is paramount to every workplace to inspire us and help us grow” 

What women inspire you and why? 

Phillip: “Apart from my Mother, Wife and Sister who are both strong minded individuals and have provided me with advice and guidance over the years. Angela Merkel, Jacinta Ardern, Delia Smith, Tomasina Miers, Margret Fulton, a real inspiration to me as they are pioneers and leaders in their own way. In my career, Kathy Savill always provided perspective and a different view point to a situation and provided great balance.” 


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