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International Women’s Day 2023

Metropolis Events celebrates International Women’s Day, every day of the week with our entire team.

#Crackingthecode is the hashtag for this year’s UN Women’s 2023 International Women’s Day theme.

UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The theme DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality, is designed to embrace disruptive innovation and ensure access to education for everyone. It encourages the disruption of existing codes of behaviour, beliefs and systems which have kept inequality entrenched over time.

In addition to the UN’s 2023 theme, the International Women’s Day official site (a platform to help forge positive change for women) – has chosen the theme #EmbraceEquity which encourages all to “challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to bias, and seek out inclusion”.

We adore these themes because it inspires us to picture a world without preconceptions, or discrimination.

To mark this IWD we asked some of the Metropolis Events team what it means to be a woman in the workplace, who inspires them and how Metropolis allows them to succeed in their role.

Allow us to introduce you first…

Meet the team!

Georgia our Senior Event Planner! 

Cat our Corporate Sales Manager!

Gabby our Event Planner!

Natasha our Event Planner!

Gemma our Marketing Manager!

Imagery: Bright Light Weddings


If you could pick any woman in history to join us at the table for this conversation, who would it be?

Georgia: “I would have to say Coco Chanel, she influenced women’s fashion greatly and paved the way for a power suit – which I personally love!”

Gabby: “My mother is my biggest inspiration; she juggles so much with her life and strives for greatness in all she does. She’s funny, a jokester who works hard, cooks excellent food, and lives like she’s on vacation – and who wouldn’t want to live like that!”

Gemma: “Princess Diana, she was fascinating, held extraordinary intuition, pushed boundaries and was strong-willed. She did a fabulous job, utilised her skill set to get results, wasn’t the traditional ‘bright’ woman in terms of academic skill sets; however, during her tenure she showed tremendous courage, strength, resilience, tenacity, and adaptability. She made the whole world fall in love with her, whether it was deliberate or not; I find that inspiring. Her legacy lives on today.”

Cat: “Our Wedding Sales Manager, Kylie, inspires me daily in how she balances her role and mum life! She makes everything look so effortlessly easy, which is an inspiration.”

Natasha: “My mum’s mum, I never got to meet her, however, I’ve heard what an inspiring, intelligent and beautiful figure she was in my mum’s life I would have loved for her to be a part of mine.”


What resources and relationships are important for you in the office? For you to succeed?

Georgia: “Great communication is key! I love our open plan office space; it allows the team to bounce ideas off each other and allows everyone to have a seat at the table during conversations.”

Gabby: “The resources are vital for me to succeed in a fun working environment where everyone laughs, has fun and, most importantly, gets along. We love a bit of a chat in the office, which makes everything fun and light-hearted!”

Gemma: “I am an empath at heart, and a real people person, so I like to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcomed within the team. I think it is super important to have open dialogue and educational opportunities be interpersonal skills such as active listening and emotional control and other business/commercially specific skills such as leadership skills, communication skills or the tool’s skills for each department in my case keeping up to date with digital trends and platforms. In addition to this, it is essential to have mentorship/support both internally and externally whilst also being able to have open conversations and be surrounded by colleagues from diverse backgrounds.”

Cat: “A supportive team! You can’t succeed without one.”

Natasha: “It is important that our office fosters collaboration and encourages communication. We all work closely together and in our open-planned office, it is great that we are able to bounce ideas off each other and share knowledge and expertise. We promote positivity and inclusivity which is so imperative in any office environment.”


What are your passions outside of work?

Georgia: “I have recently started my own business Textured Studio. This side hustle has given me an outlet to be creative, take inspiration from wedding trends at work and, most importantly express myself! I also love going to the gym and cooking for my family and friends.”

Gabby: “My passions outside work are cooking; I love baking, and I have such a bad sweet tooth choc chip cookies are my favourite to make, and women invented them! I enjoy travelling as well, and I would love to go to Europe to visit all the delicious bakeries over there – fingers crossed I can book a holiday soon!”

Gemma: “I am a ‘foodie’; I must check out the next best restaurant or the newest bar for at least one artisanal cocktail. I am all about a degustation with modern and unique flavours. Next on my list is Aru, Serai and, of course, Attika. I also can be known to be a bit crafty (especially during lockdown); I dabbled in the ‘trash to terracotta’ trend of recycling old less than pretty vases and vessels to make them into beautiful neutral on-trend pieces. I am also into plants (however, I have been a lousy plant mum lately, and some have gone to plant heaven).”

Cat: “I am an uncertified food critic and enjoy spending my downtime at the beach”

Natasha: “I love going to markets on my days off and spending time with my family and friends. I do love a walk around the park and grabbing a hot chocolate and crepe along the way and picking up a bunch of flowers for my home.”


What is it like to work with a team of nearly all women?

Georgia: “It’s such a supportive environment, we are always there for one another through the ups and downs. We know how to build each other up and cheer each other on!”

Gabby: “It is incredible to work with a group of almost all women. We nurture and care for each other, and we all respect one another, which is essential for creating a good environment.”

Gemma: “Motivating, I love seeing independent and strong-minded women show what’s on their minds and speak up for what is right and good for the team, their clients, and the overarching business. They all inspire me to be better each day; I have learnt daily from my peers.”

Cat: “Empowering”

Natasha: “In my past jobs I have worked in a very male-dominated environment as well as the events I did. To be able to work in a female-dominated workplace it is incredibly inspiring to see how each of us brings our own strengths to the table and collaborates to achieve our common goals. I find the atmosphere in our team is very supportive and empathetic. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful team of women, and I appreciate the work we do together. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with them all.”