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Download your very own complimentary vow template to edit today!

So, your big day is getting closer by the second and it’s time to start writing your vows! Are you struggling to make a start? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. We want to help make this process easier, so, we have put together a template for you to download and edit yourself. Keep reading as we delve into our greatest vow writing tips to consider.

Tip 1:

Our template is simply a guide to get the pen moving, there really is no template that should completely write your vows for you. Vows are personal and formed by sharing the stories and emotions that have shaped your past, present and future with your partner, nobody else but YOU can write that.

Tip 2:

Do not leave the writing to the last minute. There are plenty of things that will preoccupy your mind leading up to your wedding day, ‘night before’ vow writing shouldn’t be one of them…Imagine the stress!

Tip 3:

Read your vows out loud. We cannot stress this enough, there is nothing more awkward then reading your own words and realising that they make no sense. Rehearse in front of a mirror, in front of a friend or family member to so you are familiar with what you are about to say. If you aren’t a confident public speaker it will really help with the nerves on the day. 

Tip 4:

Less is more, there is no need to try and include everything into your vows. We understand there are a million things you could say about the person you love and your story, but the reality is if you’re vows are usually about 2 minutes long. Any longer, you may start to repeat yourself or lose the attention of your guests.

Tip 5:

Humour will always win, adding a little joke to your vows helps reflect your personality and ultimately your relationship. Go for something that your guests will understand rather than inside jokes that only you and your partner will find funny.

Example: I promise to always be pretend you’re the greatest cook, even when you use salt instead of sugar in our baking.

But remember at the end of the day, these vows are between you and your significant other. There is no right or wrong answer. You are able to make meaningful promises to each other. Ultimately, these promises are what your marriage is based on (heavy we know). But don’t forget to have fun with it. This day is after all, about you.