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Five Things To Do When You Say ‘I DO’

With V-Day around the corner, we can sense the anticipation of whether or not it is your time to be asked THE question. We’re talking about the one where you get asked if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner? Obviously, (we hope) the answer will always be a big, loud YES.

So, before V-Day approaches, let’s sort out one essential task…book your nail appointment; you don’t want chipped nails or shock horror…no manicure at all (call that a tragedy 😉).

We’re crossing our fingers (and toes) that the big question is heading your way on the 14th of February. So, we want you to be prepared for what happens after you say, ‘I DO,’? Here are five things to check off your list.


1. Announce It (duh!)

We know what you are thinking; this step is obvious. But before you take 100 ring photos and post them on your social media platforms, tell your closest friends and family first; the last thing you want them to do is to find out through an Instagram post (so faux pas).

To avoid the drama, brainstorm a list of you and your partner’s nearest & dearest to call, text or even drop by to share the celebratory news.


2. Get your bling sized and insured

You finally got the bling; you want to make sure you can wear it every day without it falling off your finger!! And you will want to get it insured… it’s not that exciting, but it’s a must.


3. Research, research, research

Now we don’t want to rush you into planning the wedding (unless that’s really what you want to do (hello Type A personalities), we can appreciate an organised fiancé, but you may want to think about a wedding date, as dates are being snapped up at least 12 months out. This is crucial to consider if you have your heart set on a particular date! 

Once you have the date or a few dates (we definitely recommend having options) in mind, you can start researching the venue (unless, AGAIN, you have a list of venues that you are completely obsessed with – let’s hope Metropolis is on that list 😉).


4. Did someone say Engagement Party?

Now you don’t have to have an engagement party…but it is a perfect way to celebrate your love and have everyone you love in one room celebrating you and your partner (what’s not to love about that?).

Plus it gives you an excuse to start shopping for one of your many white dresses, there couldn’t be anything more exciting than that!!

5. Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx

Now that you’ve announced it and completed some necessary research about your day & organized your engagement party, it’s time for some much-needed R’n’R for you and your partner! Go on a few dates, book a staycation and take some time to celebrate your love for each other!


Want to be a #MetropolisBride? Get in touch with our lovely team and let us start planning your dream day.