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Festive functions are in full swing! Is your employer leaning towards a traditional stand-up cocktail party or a sit-down dinner this year? How about mixing it up for the next festive season? Consider shifting the celebrations to daylight hours! Embrace a fresh perspective and explore new possibilities.

Here’s a twist: why not integrate some simple, yet effective mingling games or activities into a sit-down Christmas Breakfast or Lunch? This approach creates great entertainment for all and can offer a unique experience, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among colleagues. It’s an opportunity to create memorable moments in a more relaxed, daytime setting. So, let’s step outside the conventional evening event box and reimagine our festive gatherings!

GIVE gratitude cards

At the beginning of your EOY festival celebration, why not start by giving each team member a gratitude card upon arrival. Encourage them to write a note of appreciation for a colleague during the event. This simple act fosters camaraderie and reflection. Then, integrate a special moment into the meal where everyone shares these messages, either aloud or through a display like a ‘Gratitude Wall’. This creates a warm, appreciative atmosphere, deepening connections among colleagues and enhancing the festive spirit.

Icebreaking table trivia

Next, provide each table a set of trivia questions related to the holiday season and your company culture. Teams should work together to answer questions, sparking conversation and laughter. The team with the most correct answers can be recognised during your event adding a touch of friendly competition to the day. Make sure there are LOTS of prizes on offer to keep the competition going.

story telling exchange: sharing holiday memories

During the break at your festive event, create a space for team members to share their favourite holiday memories and traditions. This can be an informal session where individuals speak about unique customs, memorable experiences, or simply funny stories. Encouraging this forms deeper connections and understanding among colleagues on a personal level. It’s an excellent way to appreciate cultural diversity and build a sense of community, enriching the festive atmosphere with shared human experiences.


As the culinary delights are served, take a moment for a collective ‘Team Cheers’, it is encouraged to cheer multiple times throughout your event. Invite each team to raise their glasses, toast to the achievements and collaborative efforts of the past year. Acknowledge milestones, projects and dedication of each team member. This gesture not only celebrates success but also reinforces a sense of unity and excitement for the following year to come.  And cheerings… it is fun and puts a smile on everyone’s dile. 

secret santa: with a twist

Transform your team’s gift exchange by having groups collaborate on a collective gift for another team. This will encourage teamwork and creativity, as each group brainstorms and decides on a thoughtful gift that reflects each members interests and hobbies… you never know what you will learn about your colleague!

It’s not just about the gift itself but about fostering communication, unity, and a deeper understanding among team members.  This shared experience of giving and receiving as a team can strengthen inter-team relationships and add a meaning to your festive celebration.

You can explore any of these festive uplifting activities right here in our Metropolis Events venue. 

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The Christmas countdown is on….. 20 days to go!



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