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Creative Christmas Leftovers

I’m sure you can recall being asked “How was your Christmas, New Year and… boxing day” upon your return to work? While I’m unsure what your boxing day looks like. Mine usually involves suddenly remembering the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is about to start and then quickly losing the will to watch (sorry Sydney friends, I’ve been faking interest for years just to keep you happy). Or going to the MCG. Or having an extended nap. Post that nap, I like to explore what the leftovers in the fridge can yield.

Here’s some inspiration for what to do with those leftovers, because we all know how easy it is just to stand and scoff…

1. Leftover stuffing

Got leftover stuffing? Put in the waffle machine. Stuffing waffles are a revelation – a dented crispy joy. No waffle machine? Pan fry in little patties for as long as it takes to get crunchy.

Image: Gourmet Traveller (via Pinterest)

2. Roast pork or ham

Lookup the Cubano sandwich on YouTube. Roast pork and ham never looked so good!

Image: Recipetineats.com (via Pinterest)

3. Roast vegetables

Roast veg? Make a frittata…no further explanation required.

Image: WhatshouldIeatforbreakfasttoday.com (via Pinterest)

4. Pavlova

Got leftover pavlova? Two things. One, mix through a tub of vanilla ice cream and add more fruits. Two, mix with whipped cream, a ratio of three parts mashed pav, one part whipped cream and freeze in a loaf tin. Serve sliced.

5. Leftover greens

Leftover greens? Eat them, you probably ate all the fun stuff, so you’ll need your veggies. Scurvy is not attractive. 

Image: beascookbook.com (via Pinterest)

And with that parting advice, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a greedy boxing day and a fantastically happy New Year!

Helen Boulter, General Manager
Metropolis Events