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Creating a Connected Working Environment

With 50% of our teams back together, working in what has been labelled as the “new normal”, it is still easy to feel a little disconnected from our usual work family. So, what are you doing to support your teams during this transition? Below are some ideas that can help your employees, co-workers and even clients feel a little more connected.

Pal Program

Pair all your employees up with a pal! Whether it be to help them adjust in a new role, be a familiar face to check in with or a resource to help foster personal connections. Lonely employees are twice as likely to look for a new workplace if they don’t have a connection with anyone at their current employment. It keeps everyone accountable for each other and can be done both in the physical or virtual sense. They can choose to check in via a zoom call or even catching up for a coffee!

Co-workers sharing coffee

Positive Polly Program

Create a space for employees to leave positive affirmations for their coworkers. We have seen this in action in the past, and what a difference it makes to feel appreciated in the workplace! You could use a drop box in a common space, a pin board with post-it notes or even online through an application such as ‘Workplace’, where you can create a group and any employee can share to a timeline openly.

Positive affirmations wall in an office

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Programs

It doesn’t have to be all work, all the time. Adding meditation and yoga, wellness speakers, workouts, and even endorsing ‘coffee break’ reminders promote wellbeing and reduce fatigue and stress induced spirals. This gives employees the opportunity to stop, consider, and take care of their headspace. Making them in turn, work more effectively and efficiently in the long run.

Yoga class

Share Circle

Create a place and time where employees can share their lived experiences. This encourages diversity & inclusion, giving your employees the ability to connect and share their own personal stories related to beliefs, gender, race and more. Doing so, in a safe and controlled environment, promotes relationship building in the workplace. There is no harm in a discussion that turns into a healthy debate.  

Share circle

Collaborative Working Programs

Offices that encourage collaborative working are five times more likely to have high performing staff. It is great to offer employees the option to collaborate and work on cross company projects or initiatives where possible. You might also get some great ideas that you might have missed otherwise. 

Collaborative working

Social Programs

Encourage team building activities, whether it be monthly outings to things like, escape rooms or paintball. Think of fun things employees can enjoy together outside of the workplace and sign up for, other than Friday after work drinks! You could even ask them to vote on their favourite activities. Don’t forget to include those that are still working from home too, this will be a great opportunity to see them, and not just through a screen…

Team activities


All these types of programs create a positive environment for employees, bringing them a sense of togetherness and feeling connected. This is something that is absolutely imperative as we get to the finish line and on our way to having 100% of the team back together again! 

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