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Conference Invitation Template

A successful conference is dependent on good attendance and the way to achieve this is through a great invitation. Creating a great invitation may be difficult if you don’t have the time or resources to do so, so let us show you how to great one in a matter of 13 easy steps.

Conferences may be held for many different reasons and have a wide range of audiences including internal employees, senior management and people within your industry or the general public.

Below is an invite template that you can easily tailor to suit your company and event theme.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

To recreate this invite, follow the below steps. 

1. Create a free Canva account here canva.com this is the platform we are making the invitation on.


2. Click create a design to get started. You will need to type in invite until ‘Invitation (portrait)’ appears in the drop-down bar.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

3. This is what your design should look like after you select the invitation (portrait) template.

4. Using the elements on the far left-hand side, click within ‘Frames’ and select the hexagon frame. You are going to want to select the hexagon frame three times.

5. Arrange the hexagon frames (making them smaller and larger) to replicate the below photo

6. Heading back to elements on the far left-hand side, click within ‘frames’ and search for a rectangle frame select the longest rectangle (refer to the picture below as a reference, with a red line underneath). 

7. Selecting each frame, change the colour by selecting the rainbow box in the top toolbar.

8. Leave the biggest hexagon frame on the left-hand side blank.

9. Select uploads from the left-hand side toolbar, select upload media and choose the photo you want to go inside the hexagon frame.

Your invite should now look similar to this.

10. Use the smallest top left hexagon. Upload your company’s logo using the uploads tab then select upload media. Format your logo to the correct size and move it into the hexagon.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

11. You will now want to add all of your event information which includes but is not limited to; your guests’ first and last name, the name of your event, the topic of your event, the date and time and the RSVP information.

Select text from the toolbox on the left-hand side. Select from the three options; heading, subheading or body of text.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

To change the font, select the text that has been added and choose from the drop-down icons that appear at the top of the page.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

We have used the font Poppins for our headings in font size 20.7.

For all body text, we used the font Poppins in font size 9.4.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

12. If you are happy with the way your conference invite is looking, it’s time to save and download them.

To do this, click the share button on the top right-hand corner. Select download and then choose the format you want to save your invite in. All you need to do now is press download and it will save in your, downloads folder.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

Conference Invitation Tutorial

13. If you are sending your invitations to print you will need to download your invites in PDF Print format and apply crop marks and bleed lines for the printer.

To do this, click the share button on the top right-hand corner. Select download and then choose PDF Print to save your invite in. Just underneath the file type option is a box that you can tick for crop marks and bleed, click it and you are ready to download.

Conference Invitation Tutorial

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