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The world of events: bringing client event briefs to life

Cover image: Hagar Australia Make A Broken World Beautiful Gala Dinner
Photography: Smokey Oscar

Three day bump-in schedules, coordinating armed guards for thousands of dollars of jewellery, custom carpet installs, craning in luxury cars, managing arrivals of high profile guests and dignitaries, collaborating with guest chefs, feeding 40 crew members in the middle of service and ‘flipping’ full room sets in under an hour…it’s all in a day’s work at Metropolis.

Our team of specialist event planners work tirelessly behind the scenes for months, and sometimes years, to bring our client event briefs to life. Constant communication and collaboration with our operations and culinary teams to manage event logistics is of the utmost importance in planning and delivering a seamless, successful event.

Often, venues are referred to as the middle man – and rightly so when we are working with large teams of event stylists, designers, producers, guest chefs, an array of other suppliers and not to mention, the end client – but managing the requirements of so many parties is no mean feat.

So how do we manage the planning and logistics of events here at Metropolis? Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Bump in and out

Often it takes a small village to pull off an event bump in and out. But with careful planning and aligning of supplier schedules, the seemingly impossible can be made possible. Trust us, we’ve made it happen!

We always discuss the anticipated set up requirements with clients early in the sales and planning process to assist with smooth event delivery. Whether it’s an extended bump in or bump out period, overnight deliveries or super-tight set up or pack down, having the discussions early ensures the logistical ‘magic’ can be executed.

We know that there is nothing more stressful than a custom food station, ice cream cart, activation or car arriving, only to find that it doesn’t quite squeeze through the doors! For a stress free bump in we ensure our clients and suppliers are provided with loading dock, goods lift and venue access measurements at the start of the planning journey.

Lexus Launch Dinner
Photography: Karon Photography

Room ‘flips’ and tight turnarounds

Our fabulous operations team are accustomed to transforming a room quickly and efficiently. The space can be magically turned around from a theatre style set up for 400 to a seated gala dinner with military precision, but sometimes the re-set needs to be executed in lightning speed.

A standard conference or breakfast bump in and out is one hour, with a lunch, dinner or cocktail averaging two hours either side of the event start and finish time. However, there have been instances when we have completely re-set in under 45 minutes! Occasionally this will require extra staff labour (depending on the extent of the requirements), but for the most part, it comes together seamlessly with our staff and suppliers working side by side to pull it off. Strong supplier relationships are key!

PEXA Conference and Gala Dinner
Photography: Mark Avellino Photography

Maximum capacity event logistics

When you’re expecting a full house, there are a few more logistical points that need to be ticked off to ensure that all goes to plan.

We have a well designed space with two in-built service bars, cloak rooms, green rooms and direct access to the kitchen, cool rooms and store room. These facilities are more than adequate for majority of events hosted at Metropolis.

But when we are hosting a cocktail event for 1,300 guests, we communicate extensively with our operations and kitchen teams to understand any additional equipment requirements such as ‘satellite’ bars, extra food stations, food service points or portable cloak rooms. That little bit of extra planning and resources go a long way in ensuring that we deliver an unforgettable event for the masses.

Priceline Conference Welcome Reception
Image: via cievents

Staffing requirements

Increased staff to guest ratios, custom costumes or branded uniforms and grooming requirements are not uncommon considerations in our rostering arrangements.

Event briefs can vary widely to ensure that the event delivers from a perspective of purpose, message and brand. Often the requirements extend to the all-important operations staff. So what kind of staffing requests do we get?

We have had clients request an increased staff ratio of 1 staff member to every 4 guests for a fine dining experience, we’ve sourced tailored white waiters jackets, briefed staff to wear jeans and a t-shirt for warehouse style celebrations, rostered only male or female staff for cultural requirements and advised on particular grooming requirements. Whatever the client’s request, we can make it happen to ensure that the event message is delivered.

High profile guests and dignitaries

Prime Ministers, CEO’s of global companies, sporting superstars and the entertainment elite; there are many types of high profile guests who require a discreet entrance and exit. Security factors and protocols can also weigh in on the way in which we handle the arrival and departure of high profile guests.

Metropolis is an exclusive event space perched at the top of the Southgate building and the venue is only accessible via two dedicated entrances which can be isolated. However, we do have a secret entrance via back of house which is ever so glamorous (sarcasm intended!), but most VIP’s are used to entering through loading docks, goods lifts and kitchens so they don’t mind so much. The audiences surprise is always worth it!

Enterprise Victoria Dinner
Photography: SDP Media

Are you planning a future event and think Metropolis Events would be perfect? No matter the complexity of the requirements, our team are here to help. Chat to us about the possibilities for breakfast, conference, lunch, dinner, cocktail, product launch or virtual events (ideal during COVID-19!)