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Photography: Lou Lou Memphis 

reasons why we love an autumn wedding

1. stunning weather

Embracing the warmth of Autumn in Australia sets the stage for an idyllic wedding season. With temperatures just right – not too hot nor too cold – it strikes a perfect balance for guests and, most notably, the bride and groom on their special day. It provides everyone with the prime opportunity to dance the night away in comfortable warmth, making the most of the season. Envision this: capturing intimate couple moments as the sun sets, casting a radiant glow over the images.

Autumn Perfection – Chris & Tiffany – 12.3.23
An exquisite Autumn wedding that captured our hearts was Christ & Tiffany’s. Their reception was a visual marvel, blending traditional elegance with modern flair. The timeless chandeliers above the bridal table added a touch of romance, perfect for capturing unforgettable moments. Set against our iconic New York-style floor-to-ceiling windows, the venue provided a unique, panoramic view exclusive to Melbourne. Subtle neutral florals enhanced the refined aesthetic, while candlelit accents imbued the space with intimacy and a gentle glow as the sun set. When Chris and Tiffany hit the dancefloor, our AV specialists, Technical Events, orchestrated a dazzling display with pyrotechnics, igniting the room with excitement and entertainment for all guests.

At Metropolis Events we have a beautiful balcony that looks directly over the Yarra River and at night time, it is an unbelievable sight. Perfect for those warm nights and for taking breath-taking images in front of Melbourne’s best city views.

2. perfect temperature for outdoor ceremonies

The Autumn temperature is ideal for an outdoor ceremony, particularly between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm for exchanging vows. This timeframe ensures capturing stunning light shots as the sun sets.

3. autumnal colour palette

A trend starting to surge for 2024 wedding receptions is to be bold and bright! We want to see that pop of colour, and Autumn embraces that. This allows you to explore warm tones and hues such as burnt oranges, golden yellows, dark reds or even maroons. Adding a contrasting colour to the mix, such as greens and blues, will make for an eye-catching reception. Metropolis Events is a perfect blank canvas that allows stylists to incorporate bursts of colour and add those impactful touches currently trending. Keep an eye out for some notable stylists. Metropolis Events highly recommend Decor It, Lettuce & Co and The Small Things Co have been wonderful inspirations. 

autumn florals

Rather than just opting for conventional flowers, explore various choices to capture the essence of autumnal style. When planning your reception, go beyond traditional florals and think about incorporating blooms into your bouquets. For an Australian autumn, consider flowers like Freesia, Protea, Dahlias, and Geraldton wax.

5. layering and more

Autumn presents a wonderful opportunity for creativity and embracing the milder climate. It’s renowned as a prime season for weddings in Australia, offering a plethora of choices. The Australian autumn weather permits couples to experiment with diverse fabrics and styles, be it a timeless gown or a tailored suit. The cooler autumn temperatures lend themselves well to layering; brides can elegantly don wraps and boleros, while grooms can stylishly sport cardigans and jackets.

6. seasonal dishes

Discover the endless possibilities that capture the flavours of Autumn. From the crisp sweetness of apples and pears to the richness of pumpkin, the burst of flavour cranberries bring, the earthiness of squash and the crunch of nuts all blended to make for an incredible menu… HINT HINT, we have something exciting coming! Can you guess?

Autumn stands out as an incredible season for hosting wedding celebrations. Embrace the fantastic weather, stunning colour palette, delicious food, beautiful florals, and more.
It combines all elements, contributing to a memorable picture-perfect moment with friends and family.

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