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Benefits of a Christmas Breakfast or Lunch

Let’s face it, the lead-up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year. There are work deadlines to meet, personal projects to wrap up and new year planning to organise. Chances are, not only are you trying to wind down the work year, but you also have personal deadlines that creep up on you, i.e. buying & wrapping gifts (make sure you don’t forget anyone!), attending holiday parties, organising Christmas day plans, and the list goes on. 

So how do you save time during this busy silly season but also ensure you celebrate with your colleagues? Have you ever considered ditching the traditional evening party and instead celebrating during the day? 

There are multiple benefits to hosting a Christmas Breakfast or Lunch this year, and we have listed a few below for you. So, let’s get right into the benefits of why your company should be hosting a celebration during the day. 

We all know offering your employees/colleagues a celebration will excite & motivate them as well as help develop/strengthen professional and working relationships. Now let’s talk about daytime functions and events!

So why is it good to host a Christmas Breakfast or Lunch with us? Check out the below.

  • The most important meal of the day – I am sure you heard this saying before, and we couldn’t agree more. Breakfast is the first meal you eat; it fuels your body and sets the tone for the rest of your day. 
  • Alert & attentiveness – research shows that people are most alert and attentive in the first half of the day. 
  • Time efficient – a morning or lunchtime event is more efficient as they don’t cut into the workday as much. With minimal time and commitment on your colleague’s behalf, they can still get back to the office for the second half of the day, which doesn’t cut into their productivity time. This gives employees more time to get their personal deadlines in order as they still have their night free – remember buying & wrapping gifts? Finding outfits for their social Christmas parties. 
  • Nutrition – Offering your employees/colleagues a nutritious breakfast or lunch can improve the health and well-being of your staff. After all, food fuels the brain. 
  • Team building & bonding – this is the most effective during the day when everyone is fresh and ready to seize the day – staff can get to know each other better in a setting outside of the office that is fun and enjoyable. The result is better communication and smoother workflow in the office in the future.
  • Relax & unwind – Getting away from the office not only provides a change of scenery, but it will also allow everyone to relax and enjoy themselves without the pressure, potential stress, and deadlines from work.
  • Thank & reward – recognise the hard work your staff and colleagues did over the past year whilst everyone is focused and attentive during the day and thank them for giving them a brilliant Christmas Party.
  • Motivate & retain – hosting a party that indulges team members, not on their own private time, will demonstrate how valued they are to the company and help to motivate and retain employees.

This is where we come in by providing Christmas Breakfast and Lunch events our Christmas Breakfast & Lunch packages start from $65 pp. All packages come with complimentary sparkling on arrival and festive bonbons to add to the Christmas cheer!

Book before the 30th of November for your BONUS $150 voucher to our sister venue, The Valiant Bar. What do you have to lose? Book now for a gift for you.

So, if you’re looking for an event with style and attitude for your Christmas festivities this year, look no further than Metropolis Events.

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