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8 ways to keep a healthy mindset during self isolation

We know that this is a challenging time, mentally and physically, as we face an indefinite period of self isolation. Whether you’re bunkering down and WFH (…yes, we have jumped on the acronym bandwagon), find yourself working reduced hours or not working at all as a result of COVID-19, it’s important to keep a healthy mindset during these unprecedented times.

We spoke with Sacha Stewart, Meditation Lead at Happy Melon Studios, for her top tips on how you can use this period of time in your life to stay uplifted and tap into positive potential so that you arrive on the other side of self isolation feeling motivated and ready to move forward!

1. Keep a routine

Get out of bed and kick start your day with some good habits that will set you up for the day ahead so that you feel productive and ready to go. Do your best to get up at the same time and get ready just like you would on a normal work day, then wind down and go to bed at the same time each night. To keep yourself on track, write down three intentions for your day, work related or personal, that you would like to commit to. Writing down your intentions ensures that your day has structure and you can reflect at the end of the day with a sense of fulfillment.

2. Get your body moving

It can be easy to become couch bound, but how about rolling onto your yoga mat instead? Happy Melon are offering on-line Fitness, Yoga and Mat Pilates via HM Live . Their incredible teaching team are guaranteed to get you motivated and breaking a sweat in your own lounge room. 

3. Breathe

With so much going on in the world and the adjustments you may have to make in your own personal life, it’s understandable that stress and anxiety can arise. One of the best tools you have to keep calm is your breath. Try breathing into your belly for a count of four, and out for a count of six. When you exhale for longer than you inhale, you bring yourself out of the fight, flight, freeze response. You also signal to your mind and body that in this moment you’re safe and okay. 

4. Be in the moment

We’ve never needed meditation and mindfulness more than we do now.  The more you can be in the present moment, the more you will feel more peace and ease in your life. Now could be the perfect time to give meditation a go or to make it a part of your regular routine.

5. Get outside

Taking a walk not only moves the body, but gets you out into the daylight which raises your serotonin levels; the neurotransmitter that increases feelings of positivity, boosts your memory, helps to regulate your mood and even your appetite – which let’s face it, is a bonus if you’re making a lot of trips to the fridge!  

6. Stay connected

Now is the perfect opportunity to connect with friends and family who you might not ordinarily get to spend time with. Even though we’re distanced physically, platforms like Zoom, Skype and House Party, make connecting with loved ones easier than ever. Also remember to reach out to people who might be extra vulnerable at the moment to check in on them. 

7. Practice gratitude

When we’re grateful we feel more resilient. It boosts our immunity, helps increase positive emotions and our happiness. Remember all the good in your life and what is still going well. You might even like to make writing three things you’re grateful for a part of your morning or evening routine.

8. Be kind to yourself

While we’re currently adapting to the new normal, rest assured that this time will pass soon enough, and when it does, it will become a time to look back on; a time where new potentials were created, the opportunity to become fitter and healthier, and build new practices that you can take with you into the future.

Most importantly be kind to yourself. Acknowledge and welcome all emotions and feel good knowing that we are doing our best during these challenging times and we’re all in it together.

For those of you in need of a little extra help to get started with meditation or to stay motivated to move, Happy Melon have introduced HM Live – an online platform featuring all of their fabulous classes streamed live to your lounge! Check out their timetable HERE.

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