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4 trending styles for Spring & Summer

Looking for trending seasonal inspiration?

We chatted with the JCAU Events team and asked them to provide us with ultimate inspiration with 4 trending styles for Spring & Summer. 


Yellow Fever

What symbolizes Spring & Summer styling better than yellow? The colour yellow is associated with warmth, happiness and hope, which also pairs perfectly with hues of pink & green.

4 trending styles for Spring & Summer



Chinoiserie is a European decorative style that emulates the art and design of China, Japan and other Asian countries. Shades of blue play a massive role in this style and pair well with light pinks, whites and earthy browns.

4 trending styles for Spring & Summer


Orange & Pink

Harness the excitement and fun with these vibrant colours for your wedding styling! Orange is an energetic colour whilst pink brings femininity, love and romance to your styling.
4 trending styles for Spring & Summer


Teal & Peach

Teal & peach complement each other so well they are the perfect colours to combine for your styling. Both are calming colours (perfect for those wedding day jitters) and also bring a sense of warmth and joy.

4 trending styles for Spring & Summer


Who are JCAU Events?

Through unparalleled innovation, quality and design, the award-winning JCAU Events team encompass all the artistic elements that make an event truly special: event design, floral styling, décor hire, ceremony and reception installation, personalised signage and stationery. They design and create so that you can be suspended in a moment in time that was specially made with love, beauty and art.

The JCAU design process, it will help you define your vision and then bring your personal style to life with our creative direction. They go above and beyond to design mood boards and concepts and consider every visual component of your wedding, from furniture, and stationery to ceiling installations, so it is all cohesive and on point. 

Whether you have fantasised about your big event forever or you have no idea where to begin, the JCAU Events team would love the opportunity to collaborate with you and create something incredible. 

Share the beginning of your journey with JCAU Events. 

Find out more about JCAU Events here.
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