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2022 Merry Metropolis Moments

Can you believe we will be writing 2023 in just over a week?! Please take a moment to think about how fast… 2022 has flown by and what a tremendous year it has been for Metropolis Events, all thanks to our team. We couldn’t do it without them.  

We opened our doors to 50,631 guests and held 285 events this year (which makes 2022 our biggest year post-lockdown!).

This year we welcomed a brand-new team across our Sales, Planning & Marketing departments, so let us introduce you to the all-star team:

  • Emily Clarke
  • Gabby Sexton
  • Gemma Bucholtz
  • Georgia Nimorakiotakis 
  • Jai Peters
  • Kylie Eaton
  • Natasha Rowe

And welcome back some familiar faces to you all: 

  • Angela Murphy
  • Artie Blakeney
  • Jono Payne 
  • Kirstin Butterworth 
  • Lana Cargill
  • Phillip Williams 
2022 Merry Metropolis Moments


Previously this time of year, we have always reflected on the incredible events we have helped bring to life, but for 2022, we decided to focus on our people! We asked a few team members to reflect on the past year and what they were looking forward to in 2023.


What highlights did you have this year?

Natasha: Professionally, starting my role as an event planner at Metropolis Events and receiving some lovely 5-star reviews from clients within my first month! I also became a foster mum to my cat Ruth who I adore, and it’s so great having someone else to look after other than myself. Another highlight would be seeing my brother marry the love of his life. Seeing this really did reaffirm I made the right choice in my career by moving into weddings; I love celebrating love all year round!  

Gabby: Professionally, of course, I will say starting at Metropolis Events as an Event Planner; I love it, the team is great, and the venue is stunning! I learn so much daily from a talented bunch of women in my team. A highlight personally was meeting my partner; who doesn’t love being in love? 😉

Georgia: Even though I have been in the business for a while within the restaurant space (LeftBank Melbourne), a highlight was transitioning into Events! I started the beginning of the year as an Event Planner and have recently been promoted to Senior Event Planner, ending the year on a high for sure! I am thankful for all the opportunities to grow within the company, and I am so excited to develop within this role in the new year.  

Personally, I took a risk and started my own business, Textured Studio. This side hustle has given me an outlet to be creative, take inspiration from the wedding trends at work and, most important, express myself! I am happy to say it is going great. 

Kylie: One of my highlights this year was starting at Metropolis Events and being warmly welcomed by our beautiful team! Another would be that I excelled within the company and took on a new role in corporate sales which I am excited to continue to develop in.

Emily: Starting my role in Marketing at Metropolis Events, it was super exciting to be working in an office as my previous role was working from home, and I got super lonely! Working in hospitality means I thrive off making connections with people, we are in the business of creating experiences for others, so I think I have found the industry for me.  On a personal note, a highlight was being able to travel back to New Zealand for the first time since 2019 and visit all my family and friends – a trip that was very overdue!! 

Kirstin: Being promoted to Wedding & Private Events Sales Manager was a significant achievement for me! I have loved this role and appreciated everything I learned from this experience. Getting to know so many different people and using all my knowledge to assist couples with their dream day has felt great. I have travelled to Europe and Bali this year which was just a dream, and I was so grateful I could take that much time off because my team is fantastic!!

Gemma: A highlight for me is getting back into hospitality and focusing solely on events; I haven’t done this before. For the past few years, I have been out of the industry (thanks to Covid); I have never been happier to be back in an industry I love.


What event really stood out for you and why?

Natasha: Dior and Jacob’s wedding styling was incredible! I gasped when I walked into the room; seeing the capabilities of the Metropolis Events team and suppliers was amazing.


Gabby: An event that really stood out for me was Aimal & Tabrez’s wedding in December. This was one of the first cultural weddings I have organised. I was amazed and learnt so much about Indian customs and traditions. Can I just say WOW, the colour pallet of blush, whites and forest green. Also, can we shout out to Amica Event Hire. Their creativity was out of this world.


Georgia: I must be biased, but honestly, I can’t pick one! My top three (in no order) are Andrew & Andrea’s Wedding (my very first Metropolis couple), Katherine & Julian’s Wedding & Joanne & Justin’s Wedding. All these weddings were so unique, and I loved working with each couple to bring their personalities to their big day and working with some AMAZING suppliers who tie everything together in a beautiful bow.


Kylie: Walking into Metropolis and seeing Dior & Jacob’s roof installation & styling was ah-mazing!! Definitely my ‘wow’ moment of the year!

Emily: Honestly…any event we hold at Metropolis Events blows me away! I love walking into the venue and seeing how each client or couple executes their imagination within our blank canvas!

Kirstin: I loved the event we did for Beulah / Phoenix creative; the venue’s styling was incredible, and all the technical elements were fantastic! Katherine & Julian’s wedding at Metropolis was DIVINE with bright reds and pinks, so stunning. It was also amazing to see our sister venue, Q Events, styled beautifully for our photoshoot with Collections Photography.

I also recently attended the VTIC Tourism Awards at Centrepiece, which I loved. The entertainment & AV was great!


Gemma: Honestly, I cannot pinpoint one. The weddings, with all the styling, is amazing; I cannot believe that all the little details, such as styling and florals, can create such masterpieces.


What challenged you this year, and what did you learn from it?

Natasha: When I first started at Metropolis, I took on many events that were close to their event date, which was a tad overwhelming, but it made me adapt and learn on my feet which I am very grateful for!

Gabby: What challenged me this year was starting a new role at Metropolis Events whilst also learning to adapt to the new venues and the many teams my role works with.  Everyone knows how the unknown can be considered a bit scary, but it is great for my personal growth whilst and I am proud to say I am now getting into a good working rhythm. I have also learnt not to worry so much and try and see the brighter side of things.

Georgia: I love exploring challenges and working through them, the most frequent being the significant shift in events post-pandemic. Working with fewer recourses and fewer date availabilities was challenging, but we have been adapting and working with our clients to provide solutions (which we love!). 

Kylie: This year, I have been challenged by the juggle of my new working schedule and learning a new role vs mum life! However, I have learned that I can do both! With a great support system, professionally and personally…it’s all possible and worth it.

Emily: Marketing and sales go hand in hand; however, navigating the sales vs. marketing world can be challenging as there are many different skill sets and personalities. I am learning many different interpersonal skills, which I am very happy to have.

Kirstin: Starting this new role was challenging, as it was hard to separate myself from planning! I’ve learnt that each couple is unique, and it’s essential to try and incorporate how we can implement that into their wedding. Another challenge has been balancing training our fabulous new team members whilst balancing wedding enquiries and my workload. I think I have fine-tuned it now.

Gemma: Starting a new role right before the busiest time of the year. It’s always hard to start a new role; however, starting during a particularly busy time was extra challenging. I also had to learn the hospitality world again after retail, a very different business style for the past few years. Honestly, I love it here! 


What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Natasha: I look forward to planning my upcoming weddings from start to finish and learning and developing strong relationships with the couples. I am also planning a trip to England with my partner, which will surely be a highlight!

Gabby: I look forward to organising bigger and better events and learning and developing my event skill set. I am also looking forward to travelling more around Australia and the USA.

Georgia: I look forward to every aspect of 2023; a new year always brings new potential and possibilities. I can’t wait to bring more events to fruition and work with fantastic suppliers and clients! I am also travelling to Greece to be part of my best friend’s wedding! Which will allow me to bring back some Mediterranean inspiration for future events! 

Kylie: 2023 is going to be big! I look forward to growing professionally and developing within my new role! On a personal note, I will be ticking an item off my bucket list- Coachella baby!!!

Emily: There are lots of new and exciting offers and campaigns in the works for Metropolis Events…keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully, I can also squeeze in a holiday; European summer sounds nice right about now!

Kirstin: I’m looking forward to organising a wedding showcase at our sister venue, Q Events and potentially a yoga/sound healing workshop! (Stay tuned!!!) Outside of work, I’m excited about great weather, summer festivals, markets and going away camping!

Gemma: I am ready for a break, that’s for sure I need to get on a plane and go anywhere; I honestly don’t care. I just have FOMO from seeing all my friends travelling, lol. South America or Europe is high on the list.



We couldn’t have had such a great year without the support of our fabulous clients & couples! And the hard work and dedication of our entire team!

We can’t wait to continue to create more memories with you in 2023! From our team to yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas & a safe and Happy New Year xx.